the food sherpa llc provides a range of services from standard personal chef services (e.g., meal planning and preparation), on-site custom cooking classes, and the execution of intimate special events (e.g., small buffet service, plated dinners, or cocktail party-style services). The comprehensive service includes a variety of components: planning, grocery shopping, travel to your location, equipment set up, menu execution and kitchen clean up. Only a portion of this total time is spent in your home. The type of service provided and the amount of food required are the primary parameters that determine how long a given service will take.

For any given service, several different entrees, side dishes, or related items must be prepared from scratch, so it will typically take several hours to complete. The smallest job generally requires approximately 4 hours of kitchen time. Larger jobs can take significantly longer, or may even be split over two or more consecutive days.

the food sherpa llc will work with you to identify the best package and/or to define the scope of the task at hand. A much better estimate of the time required for your specific service can then be provided. the food sherpa llc is willing to work with your unique schedule or situation, and can typically make arrangements in advance so that the service fits compatibly into your schedule.