Though the turkey is the star of the traditional Thanksgiving meal, this festive gathering just wouldn’t be the same without the supporting cast – the side dishes! From mashed potatoes and gravy to stuffing, cranberry sauce to green beans, candied yams to dinner rolls, one could argue that the sides are what truly make the turkey sing!

Coleslaw may not be top of mind to some cooks on turkey day, but this humble and perhaps less celebrated side is certainly worth consideration for a slot on your Thanksgiving table. Personally, I have fond memories of my grandmother’s coleslaw. She would grate the cabbage by hand in a large metal prep bowl, blend it with the other simple ingredients – grated carrot, mayonnaise, vinegar, celery seed, salt and pepper – and toss it to perfection before it went into a decorative casserole for service at large family dinner gatherings at Thanksgiving and Christmas too. And why not? It is an easy dish to prepare that is both inexpensive and compliments so many of our traditional holiday favorites.

If you are looking for one more side dish to add to your holiday spread this year, why not give the foodsherpa llc’s Coleslaw recipe a try? All the best to you and yours this holiday season!


November 22, 2021


Keith Steury