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Your guide to great food at home!

the food sherpa llc

personal chef service works with you to develop customized meal plans, cooking classes, and special events for your enjoyment. Preparing delicious, creative, and unique food from only the best ingredients in the comfort of your home.



Contact the food sherpa llc to discuss your needs and receive more information about available services. Complete the food sherpa llc’s Client Assessment Survey to record your food preferences in preparation for your complimentary client assessment meeting.

Comprehensive review of your food preferences, dietary restrictions and any applicable food allergies. After your questions are answered, complete a Client Service Agreement to indicate concurrence on the terms of service and we will schedule your first cook date. the food sherpa llc will collect initial payment at this time.

On the scheduled cook date, the food sherpa llc will shop for all groceries for your service, come to your home, set up in your kitchen and prepare all of the food on your menu. When all work is complete, the food sherpa llc will clean your kitchen and leave only the wonderful aroma of freshly-prepared meals behind!

the food sherpa llc will follow-up after the cook date to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your services and to determine if any adjustments can be made to make future experiences more enjoyable.


the food sherpa llc menu options are organized into several categories. Please select a choice from the following list to review some of the options that are available to you. Please note that this is NOT an exhaustive list. the food sherpa llc regularly adds new menu options and additional customization of existing recipes is nearly always possible to meet specific dietary needs or preferences.

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Get a taste of the food sherpa llc experience with these delicious recipes.


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What could be better than the gift of personal chef services? Do you know a new mother, a couple celebrating an anniversary, or anyone else that you want to pamper with the gift of beautiful food? If so, please contact the food sherpa llc to discuss your needs. Together, we can craft the perfect gift for that special someone in your life!


Your business is important to the food sherpa llc. The greatest compliment you can provide is to refer a friend, family member, colleague, or acquaintance to the company.

If you provide a referral and that person utilizes the food sherpa llc for a minimum of one personal chef package, class, or special event, you will receive a 5% referral reward, which can be applied against the professional service fee for your next scheduled service! There is no limit to how may rewards you can receive. Provide more referrals and get more rewards for yourself! It’s a win-win-win situation and a great way to say “thank you” for your support!

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Special offers from the food sherpa llc change on occasion.

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