The core offering of the food sherpa llc is everyday meal planning and preparation. This service includes the following components:

  1. Complimentary Client Assessment Meeting: During this meeting, we will discuss available packages, including a comprehensive review of your food preferences, any food allergies that you or others that will eat the food may have, and any other pertinent information. Any questions that you may have about the service will also be answered at this time.
  2. Client Service Agreement: A Client Service Agreement will be completed to indicate concurrence on the terms of service and a cook date will be scheduled for the service to be provided.
  3. Entree / Side Selection: The information collected during the client assessment meeting will be used to develop a proposed menu, including entrees and appropriate side(s), for your first service.
  4. Cook Date: On the morning of the cook date, all of the necessary groceries will be purchased for your service. the food sherpa llc will then come to your home, set up in your kitchen, and prepare all of the food on your menu. When the work is complete, all prepared food will be packaged, labeled and stored and your kitchen will be cleaned, leaving you with a set of food-handling instructions for your meals and the wonderful aroma of freshly-prepared food!
Grilled Lamb Patties


All of the everyday meal packages are designed to provide you with a custom experience. Menu options may be derived entirely from the food sherpa llc’s standard repetoire, they may include more customized or totally different items derived specifically from your preferences, or they may be a combination of the two. Here are some typical examples:

  • The standard menu items may remain the same, but you may specify that the ingredients used be replaced with organics or be purchased from your favorite gourmet store rather than from my usual suppliers and purveyors.
  • Special dietary restrictions may require that significant modifications be made to standard menu items or that some new recipes be researched and developed to meet your dietary needs.
  • You may have some of your own recipes that you would like for the food sherpa llc to prepare for you.

The pricing structure for all packages is Professional Service Fee + Cost of Food.

  • 5 x 4 Package: Five entrees with appropriate side(s), each of which will serve four, for a total of 20 servings. This package will typically serve a family of four for one week, a couple for two weeks, or an individual for one month.
  • 5 x 3 Package: Five entrees with appropriate side(s), each of which will serve three, for a total of 15 servings. This package will typically serve a family of three for one week.
  • 5 x 2 Package: Five entrees with appropriate side(s), each of which will serve two, for a total of 10 servings. This is a great package for individuals or couples who like to cook or eat out more often, or for those who prefer fresh service on a weekly basis.
  • 4 x 4 Package: Four entrees with appropriate side(s), each of which will serve four, for a total of 16 servings. This package is ideal for the family, couple, or individual that likes to cook on occasion, but still needs help to get dinner on the table most of the week.
  • 3 x 4 Package: Three entrees with appropriate side(s), each of which will serve four, for a total of 12 servings. This package is best for the family, couple, or individual that cooks more often, but needs an occasional break. This is also a popular “starter” package for new clients.

Scaled packages may be delivered in Small, Medium, or Large sizes, upon request. Pricing for Medium (or average) packages starts at $360*, excluding the cost of food. Additional optional, one-time, and recurring fees are described below.

*Specific pricing is based on the chosen plan, the amount of food desired, the client’s unique needs and the frequency of service that is desired.

Stuffed Peppers

One-Time, Recurring and Optional Fees

Container Fee

At the closure of any cook date, there is a significant amount of food to store. A uniform container configuration is required to ensure that your refrigerator and/or freezer space can be efficiently utilized to accommodate this food. The container storage choices and associated fees are as follows:

  • Reusable Containers (e.g., Pyrex): One-time shopping fee of $25 plus the cost of containers purchased.
  • Reusable/Disposable Containers (e.g., Ziploc, Gladware): $15 per cook date.

Pantry Fee

Pantry items such as flours, vinegars, cooking wines, spices, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, etc. are a component of the mobile equipment and supply package that the food sherpa llc brings to each cook date. The cost of maintaining this mobile pantry is included in the cost of food for each personal chef package. As an alternative, the food sherpa llc is happy to stock (and continually re-stock as necessary) your personal pantry with these same items for use solely on your cook dates. The fees associated with this service are as follows:

  • Initial pantry stocking fee: $20 + cost of pantry items.
  • Subsequent cook date pantry re-stocking fee: $10 + cost of pantry items.

Additional Serving Fees

An additional serving fee will be charged for each additional serving (entree plus appropriate side dish) and/or additional side dish that is requested to be added to any package.

Special Diet Research Fee

Additional research is required to accommodate highly specialized diets. A fee of $50 per session will be added to the chosen package to cover the cost of the time and materials necessary to complete this specialized diet research. The amount of research required to meet client needs is continually monitored to determine when or if this fee may be waived for future cook dates.

Travel & Grocery Research Fee

A travel and grocery research fee may be charged if any or all of the following parameters are applicable:

  • The client location is more than 25 miles away (one-way) from the business location.
  • Research must be completed to locate acceptable grocery store(s) and/or food sources near the client location.
  • The client location is particularly inconvenient due to prohibitive parking restrictions or similar limitations.


In order to hold your cook date, the food sherpa llc requires that your payment is made in full at the time your cook date is booked.

If you have any questions about how to get started with any of these personal chef packages or about related fees, please contact the food sherpa llc for more information. the food sherpa llc would be delighted to visit your home to perform a complimentary assessment, discuss your food preferences, and help you to identify the specific package that best meets your needs. the food sherpa llc looks forward to hearing from you and being your guide to great food at home!