Do you like to entertain? Would you like to hold a dinner or cocktail party at your home, but wish that someone else could cook? Do you know someone who is about to celebrate a birthday or anniversary? Do you know a recent graduate or an expectant mother? Is your office looking for a unique way to celebrate reaching a sales goal or other milestone? Special events require special celebrations and the food sherpa llc is here to fill that need.

Cheese Platter

Special Events Package

This service begins with a complimentary Client Assessment Meeting. During this meeting, we will discuss the details of the Special Events Package including a comprehensive review of food preferences, any food allergies that you or others that will eat the food may have, and any other pertinent information. Any questions that you may have about the service will be answered at this time. Using the preferences collected, we will work together to plan a custom package to fit your unique needs. We will then complete a Client Service Agreement to indicate that we concur on the terms of service, we will schedule a cook date for the service that is amenable to both of our schedules, and payment will be collected for the service that will be provided.

On the cook date, all of the necessary groceries will be purchased for your service. the food sherpa llc will then come to your home, set up in your kitchen, and prepare all of the food on your menu. When the work is complete, your kitchen will be cleaned, leaving you with only the wonderful aroma of freshly-prepared food!

Event Display

The Special Events Package is highly customized to your unique situation.* To best serve you, please contact the food sherpa llc to discuss your needs. the food sherpa llc would be delighted to visit your home to perform a complimentary assessment, discuss your food preferences, and help you to identify the perfect package to suit your unique needs. the food sherpa llc looks forward to hearing from you and being your guide to great food at home!

* Because the food sherpa llc is a personal chef service and not a commercial caterer, the service is optimized for execution of intimate special events. To ensure that the highest standards of service and food quality are maintained, the food sherpa llc typically limits plated dinners to 8 people and buffets for parties of 40 or fewer people. Larger groups than those referenced here may be better served by a full-scale commercial caterer.